We want to make the character of God visible in this world. By pursuing: justice and righteousness, forgiveness and mercy, establishing and maintaining shalom, giving and sharing generously, serving and supporting, being faithful and humble, excluding no-one, establishing relationships, separating good and evil, and holiness. Where God rules His Kingdom becomes visible. (Luke 8: 1, 9: 2, 12:31)


We serve people and their community in word and deed. By: being present, fighting poverty, restoring relationships, taking care of God's creation, taking care of the sick and the weak, seeking restoration and freedom from internal and external oppression, promoting development and change (personally and in their social context). Following Jesus Christ and His example we want to live, serve and be sent. (Luke 4-6, 7:22, 9: 12-17)

From the Church

We support the Church in its mandate to make faithful disciples of Jesus who are sent out as living witnesses. The Church has a specific role in God's mission, locally where it is planted, and internationally through embracing its mission. (Acts 2: 42-47; 3: 1-11, 3: 12-26; 4: 32-37)

Relationship oriented

We want to empower people and people groups. We seek to build authentic, constructive and mutually beneficial relationships that empower people in faith and life. They must grow and we become less. We go for a long-term relationship. (Luke 5: 1-11, 6: 27-36).


We value our partners for who and what they are; for what they bring to the relationship and partnership. The task is too big for us and them alone. Together we are stronger and we achieve more. Our "minimal" commitment is as a catalyst: where we help start the collaboration process. (Luke 6:12; 8: 1-3; 8: 2-3)


We want to meet people in their own specific environment. Together with them we discover where their community can be developed from within; how expectations can become a reality, while retaining individuality. 

We want to give hands and feet to the God-given vision of our workers. We do not work with a ready-made package or programs. We adapt to the circumstances. (Luke 4: 18-20, 4: 43-44; 7: 1-16, 7: 36-50; 9: 10-17; 19: 1-10)


We are open to new ideas and new possibilities. Following Jesus, we want to be a fresh expression of God's Mission and the task of mission. Creativity is in our hands. We dare to think outside the box. (Luke 5: 33–6: 11, Luke 7: 1-10)

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